The applicant should study carefully the instructions of Enlistment and the list of documents to be annexed with the application form. Application found deficient in any respect is liable to be rejected without any further correspondence.

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1.       Name of the applicant * :
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5.       constitution :

6.       If Partnership firm, names of the partners/if company, name of directors :
7.       Is the individual/sole proprietor/any partner/directors of company :
  • (a)   Dismissed Government Servant
  • (b)   Removed from approved list of contractor
  • (c)   Demoted to a lower class of contractor
  • (d)   Having business banned/suspended by any government in the past
  • (e)   Convicted by a court of law
  • (f)    Retired engineer/official from engineering Government of Punjab within last 3 years
  • (g)   Director of partner of any other company/firm enlisted with PWD B&R or any other department
  • (h)   Any contract abandoned or action Taken by any public authority

If answer of any of the above is 'yes' Upload details here :

  • 8.        (a) Name of person holding power of attorny :
  •            (b) Nationality :
  •            (c) Liabilities :
9.        Name of Banker with full address :
10.      Place of Business :
11.     Full Time technical staff in applicant's employment Nos :
  • (a) Gradaute Engineers : (trade) with : year's experience :
  • (b) Gradaute Engineers : (trade) with : year's experience :
  • [excluding (a) above]
  • (c) Diploma Engineers' : (trade) with : year's experience :
  • (d) Diploma Engineers' : (trade) with : year's experience :
  • [excluding (c) above]
  • (e) Furniture/Furnishing Designers' of : years' experience :
12.     Does the applicant have sufficient T&P, machinery, equipment and workshop as per requirements mentioned in the instructions regards enlistment for the class & category applied for (Attach details on separate sheet):
13.      Does the applicant possess valid Electrical License (for electrical enlistment only)
14.      (a)   Whether already enlisted with PWD (B&R) or any other department :
15.     Is any person working with the applicant is a near relative of the officer/official of PWD (B&R) (see para 18 of instructions for Enlistment)
16.    Enlistment fee of Rs. 50000/- to be Paid through RTGS/NEFT in favour of Joint Secretary, PRBDB SAS Nagar Mohali in Allahabad bank branch Phase 9 A/c No.50027580862, IFSC Code – ALLA0211992, MICR - 160010005

UTR No. Date Amount Bank & Branch
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17.      Detail of works completed and in progress during the last three years (to be uploaded in Performa as given Annexure-III). This list should include all works whose gross amount of work done is more than the required magnitude for class I Category of enlistment.
18.      Copies Certificates from Client as per Performa given in Annexure IV for all eligible works to be Uploaded.
19.       Certifications:
  1.   I/We (include all partners) certify that I/We have read the instructions for Enlistment of Contractors in PWD (B&R) as amended upto date and shall abide by them.
  2.   I/We certify that the information given above is true to the best of me/our knowledge.
  3.   I/We also understand that if any of the information is found wrong or concealed, my/our application shall not be considered and I/We are liable to be debarred.
  4. I/We certify that I/We will not get myself/ ourself registered as contractor in the PWD B&R under more than one name:
    • I Certify that I did not retire as an Engineer of Gazetted rank or as a Gazetted Officer employed on Engineering or administrative duties in any engineering Department of the Government of Punjab during the last three years.
    • I also certify that I have neither such a person given under my employment nor I shall any such person within three years of his retirement expect with the prior permission of the Government. (For individuals seeking enlistment in their own name).
    • We certify that none of the partners/Directors retired as an Engineer of Gazetted rank or an any gazetted Officer employed on Engineering or Administrative duties in the Engineering Departments of the Govt. of punjab during last three years. We also certify that we have neither under our employment any such person nor shall we employ any person within three years of his retirement expect with the prior permission of the Government.(For partnership firms and limited companies. (Strike out whichever is not applicable.)
  5. I/We shall make available any additional information it may find necessary or required to suppliment or authenticate the information supplied
  6. I/We certify that in the last three years, we/any of the partners/directors have neither failed on any contract, as evidenced by imposition of a penalty by an arbitral or judicial authority or a judicial pronouncement or arbitration award, nor been expelled from any project or contract by any public authority nor have had any contract terminated by any public authority for breach on part of partner/director(s).
  7. I/We acknowledge the right of the Enlistment Authority to reject my/our application without assigning any reason or otherwise and hereby waive, to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, our right to challenge the same on any account what so ever.

Signature(s) of the applicant(s) to be uploaded.

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File size not more than 2MB.

S.No. Document Yes No
1. Proof of constitution (S. No. 5 of application from):
a) In case of sole proprietorship/HUF: an affidavit executed before a 1st Class Mogistrate that the applicant is the sole proprietor of the firm/karta of HUF.
b) In case of partnership firm : (submit attested copies)
Partnership deed attested by Notary Public
Form "A" or equivalent form issued by Registrar of Firms.
Form "B" or equivalent form issued by Registrar of Firms.
Form "C" or equivalent form issued by Registrar of Firms.

c) In case of private/public Ltd. Co. Article of Association duly attested by Notary Public
2. Power of Attorny. if any (S. No. 8 of application form), attested by Notary Public
3. Solvency certificate from scheduled bank in the Performa given in Annexure-VI. The certificate should be on the bank's letter-head and in sealed cover over shall be addressed to the concerned Enlistment Authority (S. No. 9 of application form).
4. Technical Staff: (S. No. 11 of application form).
i) List of full time technical staff/Designers with qualification and experience of each.
ii) Attested copies of the degrees/diplomas of the technical staff/Designers.
iii) Declaration from the technical staff/Designers that they are employed with the applicant.
5. List of machinery, T&P including steel centering & shuttering possessed by the applicant. Full details and Equipment provided and proof of sufficient stoke of materials as required for Furniture category ((S. No. 12 of application form).
6. Attested copy of valid Electrical License (S. No. 13 of application form).
7. Attested copy of Enlistment order (S. No. 14 of application form).
8. List of all near relatives working in PWD, including their addresses (S. No. 15 of application form). See para 18 of instructions regarding Enlistment.
9. RTGS/NEFT Receipt towards Enlistment Fee (S. No. 16 of application form).
10. Original or attested copies of certificates, for works done, from concerned clients, in Performa as given in Annexure-IV
11. Attested copies of award letters for works included in Annexure-III.
12. Attested copies of PAN, latest Income-Tax Return and / assessment orders.
13. Attested copies of VAT No., latest VAT Return and / assessment orders.
14. Attested copies of Registration for payment of Labour Cess under The Punjab Building and other Construction Workers Welfare Cess Rules, 2007.
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